The Dark Tree Wedding.

Imagine going to to a wedding in the middle of a forest.  The only power you have is a 5000 Watt Honda generator powering all light and anything that is electrical.  This is what I experienced and it was great.  No neighbors complaining or police telling you to turn it down.   Whatever company did the tree service did an awesome job.   It was a wedding I will never forget.

102 “The Bomb DJ services”

The bomb 102 DJ Services in the Ohio Northwest Pennsylvania area is coming to you. We specialize in weddings anniversary school dances homecoming some proms special events. the bomb 102 provides professional sound systems over 20,000 plus song music library and a spectacular light show.  We provide Unlimited customer support and flexible payment option to make sure your party brings everlasting memories for your guests.


Not only do we play the latest and greatest music we’re awesome custom make your music to fit the situation that you desire. You can bring your own music that we can put in as long as it it will go with r technology. From the very start of what we’re looking at we will set up and take down with an O extra fees on top of what is paid. Your guess we’ll have a spectacular time listen to your music or your choice of music. So contact us today and book your party or special events that you need music will have an itinerary of how it will work and go through our payment options with you let us know contacts today thank you